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We live in a time in which communication is advancing at speed. Keeping up is difficult, but we have the tools to do it. Studying new languages is nowadays an academic necessity, and communication, the basis of all tongues. Flup makes the flow of information between teacher and student easier, as well as communication among the different users of schools using Flup. It is the intelligent communication tool that allows a professional and educational growth, meeting the current academic requirements. If languages are communication, communication is Flup.

Gestión de Calificaciones

Reports management

Are students aware of their progress learning a language? With this tool, students and families will know their progression through charts.

Alerta y Notificaciones

Alerts and Notifications

it is proved that more than 70% of mobile apps users find receiving push notifications a very positive added value.
Besides, users receive and read them a 50% more than notifications sent by email.

Gestión de Alumnos

Students management

Teachers will be able to send notifications to their students anytime (PDFs, text, surveys, diaries...) using a simple administration website.
Forget about paper diaries and therefore contribute responsibly to our environment. Medio ambiente

Zona de Administración

Administration Area

From a website your will be able to create as many academic seats as necessary, and as many groups, teachers and students as required.
Everything in a simple and intuitive way.

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We talk about Digital Transformation how the new challenge the company have to deal. Organizations, more or less, are beginning to incorporate new technological processes in different business areas, in order to adapt and keep competitive in their own markets, whether domestic or international.

They talk about FLUP

  • Adopting Flup has implied an adaptation to modern times and therefore an improvement in our efficiency, productivity and my clients satisfaction degree.

    - Sabrina Mariscal, Director of IML


    What about the language of intelligent communication? With Flup always connected / always informed TheGlobe-Families-students-teachers. Everything in just one click.

    - Academia The Globe

  • So happy with the easy and intuitive use of Flup. Definitely, tool we are going to use in 2016-2017 course..

    - Jose Luis, CAPI Centro Académico


    It has been a revolution in the English teaching in our center, because in these weeks we have significantly improved communication with parents. Our goal is that during the course 2016-2017, the system will be fully implemented in all schools we serve..

    - Daniel Ramos Bal, Director de Oxford Indálica School of English

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